National Association of School Nurses for the Deaf

Upcoming Events - NASND Executive Board will meet at The Minnesota Academy for the Deaf in July.  Many thanks to the wonderful nurses at MSAD who are hosting our meeting!  Please contact any member of the Board with your questions, ideas or concerns.  We are happy to address them at our meeting.  Stay tuned for more information!

NASND Nurses at the 2013 Biennial Conference at The Iowa School for the Deaf.

Elected officers for NASND Executive Board are:

President - Mirtie Marshall, IL School for the Deaf

Vice President - Jessica Lalor-Slama, WI School for the Deaf

Secretary - Linda Meier-Anderson, WA School for the Deaf

Treasurer - Annie Wallace, KS School for the Deaf

Past President - Sheri Burton, KS School for the Deaf